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For decades, the Roswell Incident has captivated the minds of UFO enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, and scientists alike. In 1947, an alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, sparked a flurry of speculation and curiosity. While many believe it to be a case of advanced extraterrestrial technology failing, I propose a different theory. I believe that any UFO/UAP recovery by governments worldwide is not the result of a random technological failure but a deliberate act by an advanced civilization.

The Improbability of Random Crashes

Consider this: if these UFOs are indeed the products of an advanced civilization or a highly developed space race, it is unlikely that their technology would randomly fail and crash. Advanced beings capable of interstellar travel would presumably possess sophisticated navigation systems and fail-safes to prevent such accidents. The idea that these crafts, which traverse the vast expanse of space, would suddenly malfunction upon reaching Earth seems improbable.

A Purposeful Act of Technological Transfer

Instead, I suggest that these crashes are intentional. Imagine a scenario where an advanced civilization wants to share its technology with humanity. Direct contact might be too risky, potentially causing panic or resistance. Instead, they might choose to leave behind their technology in a way that allows us to discover and study it at our own pace. A crash site provides a controlled method for us to acquire and reverse-engineer their advanced tech.

Advanced AI Beings: Survivors of the Crash

If there were any biological entities or beings recovered from these crash sites, they might not be living organisms as we understand them. Given the extreme conditions of space travel, such beings could be advanced AI robots designed to withstand the immense g-forces and impacts that would accompany a crash. These AI entities could be programmed to assist us in understanding and utilizing the technology left behind.

The Roswell Incident Revisited

Using the Roswell Incident as a case study, we see several elements that support this theory. Reports from the time mention unusual materials and bodies recovered from the site. Could these bodies have been advanced AI robots? The secrecy and rapid response by the government suggest they found something highly significant.

Moreover, the technological advancements we’ve seen since the mid-20th century could be a result of studying and reverse-engineering this recovered technology. The rapid development of electronics, aerospace engineering, and even computer science might owe some of its progress to these discoveries.


While the idea of advanced civilizations purposefully crashing their UFOs on Earth might sound like science fiction, it offers a plausible explanation for the events at Roswell and other similar incidents. By leaving behind their technology in a way that allows us to discover and understand it gradually, these civilizations could be guiding our technological development from afar. The next time we hear about a UFO crash, we should consider the possibility that it might not be an accident but a carefully planned event aimed at advancing human civilization.

Thank you for reading and sharing, together, we might just discover the messages meant for humanity, hidden in plain sight. 

From the desk of Dan Dillman

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