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The Mysteries of the Chronovisor: The Vatican’s Hidden Secrets


The Vatican’s Secret Archives are renowned for holding countless secrets and mysteries, but few are as intriguing as the legend of the Chronovisor. This alleged device is said to enable its user to view past events, a concept that blurs the lines between science fiction and potential reality. Here’s a closer look at this fascinating artifact and my theories surrounding it.

Origins and Functionality of the Chronovisor

The Chronovisor is rumored to have been created in the 1950s by a team of scientists, including Father Pellegrino Ernetti, an Italian priest, and scientist. According to Ernetti, the device was capable of capturing and displaying scenes from the past by processing residual electromagnetic radiation left behind by historical events.

Ernetti claimed the Chronovisor worked similarly to a television, using a combination of antennae and unspecified “mysterious” metals to pick up sound and light waves across their entire spectrum. The device reportedly included a “direction finder” to tune into specific eras and a screen to display the events, while a recording device captured the footage.

Witnessing Historical Events

Ernetti and his colleagues allegedly used the Chronovisor to witness significant historical events, including:

•  The crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

• A performance of the lost tragedy “Thyestes” by the Roman playwright Seneca.

•  The speech of Marcus Tullius Cicero to the Roman Senate in 63 B.C.

In 1972, an Italian publication, La Domenica del Corriere, featured an article claiming that Ernetti had captured a photograph of the crucifixion. However, skeptics pointed out that the image resembled a known statue of Jesus, casting doubt on the claim’s authenticity.

Dan Dillman’s Theory: Earth’s Magnetic Field as a Historical Recorder. I, Dan Dillman, propose a theory that builds upon the existing narrative of the Chronovisor. Modern magnetic recording technology uses magnetic fields to store data, capturing sound and images as magnetic patterns. This serves as a useful analogy for understanding how Earth’s magnetic field could theoretically store historical data.

Magnetic Recording Technology: Video and audio tapes use magnetic fields to record and playback sound and visuals. If these relatively simple devices can store information in such a manner, it is conceivable that Earth’s magnetic field, which is vastly more powerful and complex, could record data about past events in a similar fashion.

Environmental Data Storage: Some scientists, like Rupert Sheldrake with his theory of morphic resonance, have suggested that the environment can store and transmit information. Recent research into how natural materials can encode information over geological time scales further supports this idea.

Decoding the Data: While we have the technology to read data from magnetic tapes, decoding Earth’s magnetic “recordings” would require an advanced technology believed to be far beyond our current capabilities. The Chronovisor is theorized to be such a device, capable of interpreting these complex magnetic signals and translating them into visual and auditory representations of historical events. Is it possible Ernetti, did create such a technology?

The Vatican’s Involvement

The Vatican’s role in the Chronovisor saga is equally mysterious. According to Ernetti, the Church decided to dismantle the device and keep its existence a secret, fearing its potential power. In 1988, the Vatican issued a decree warning that anyone using a device like the Chronovisor would face excommunication, adding an official layer of intrigue to the story.

Despite these dramatic claims, many aspects of the Chronovisor story have been called into question over the years. Critics argue that Ernetti’s photograph of Jesus was a hoax and that the device’s descriptions are too fantastical to be credible, but are they ? Nonetheless, the Chronovisor remains a captivating legend within the lore of the Vatican’s Secret Archives.


The Chronovisor exemplifies the blend of faith, science, and mystery that often characterizes the Vatican’s Secret Archives. Whether a genuine artifact or a product of imaginative storytelling, the Chronovisor continues to fascinate those who ponder the possibilities of time travel and the hidden knowledge within the Vatican. 

“It is this author’s opinion, the Chronovisor represents a highly plausible technology, requiring only an innovative genius to develop the necessary processes to bring it to fruition.” 

Stay curious; the cosmos holds endless secrets.

From the Desk of Dan Dillman

a rumored image from the chronovisor of christ the day of the cruxifiction
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