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Crop circles have long fascinated and puzzled both skeptics and believers. These intricate patterns appearing overnight in fields worldwide have sparked numerous theories about their origins. While some attribute them to human pranksters, others suggest more mysterious sources. In this blog, I, "Dan Dillman", propose a new theory: crop circles are created using cymatics.

The Phenomenon of Crop Circles

For decades, crop circles have appeared in fields across the globe, often displaying complex geometric patterns. These formations have led to widespread speculation about their origins. Rare videos have captured orbs or UFO-type objects hovering above areas where crop circles have formed, suggesting an otherworldly connection.

Cymatics: The Science of Sound

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, typically demonstrated by placing sand on a vibrating plate and observing the patterns that form. Different frequencies produce different geometric shapes, often resembling the intricate designs seen in crop circles. This raises the question: could sound waves or frequencies be responsible for these mysterious formations?

A Message from Beyond?

Is it possible that these crop circles are messages from an advanced civilization, or even advanced human technology? The precision and complexity of many crop circles suggest a level of sophistication that goes beyond simple hoaxes. Could they be a form of communication from an other worldly cosmic race or multidimensional beings? The idea that these formations are created using sound waves is a plausible scenario that has not been widely proposed.

Exploring the Evidence

The rare footage of orbs or UFOs near crop circle sites adds another layer to this mystery. These sightings could indicate that advanced technology, perhaps utilizing sound frequencies, is at work. The use of cymatics to create crop circles aligns with this theory, as the patterns produced by sound waves are strikingly similar to those found in fields.

Historical Context and Modern Interpretations

Crop circles have been reported as early as the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the late 20th century that they gained widespread attention. The Wiltshire region in England, particularly around the ancient site of Stonehenge, has been a hotspot for these formations. This region’s historical and mystical significance adds another layer of intrigue to the phenomenon.

The Role of Advanced Technology

If we consider the possibility of advanced technology, it is feasible that highly sophisticated sound equipment could be used to create these patterns. This technology could be in the hands of secretive government projects, private researchers, or even extraterrestrial visitors. The idea that sound frequencies could be used to manipulate crops into precise geometric shapes is a tantalizing one.

Cymatics and Human Consciousness

There is also a growing body of research on the effects of sound on human consciousness. Could crop circles be a form of communication not just visually but also at a vibrational level? The patterns may resonate with certain frequencies that influence our subconscious mind, potentially conveying messages or prompting spiritual awakenings.

Environmental and Biological Effects

Reports have suggested that crop circles can cause changes in the crops themselves, such as altered growth patterns and changes in the cellular structure. These biological changes could be evidence of the powerful effects of the sound frequencies used to create the circles. Additionally, there have been accounts of electromagnetic anomalies and mechanical failures within and around crop circles, further suggesting the involvement of advanced technology or phenomena.


While the true origin of crop circles remains a mystery, the theory that they are created using cymatics opens up intriguing possibilities. Whether they are messages from another civilization or the result of advanced technology, the use of sound waves to create these geometric shapes is a compelling idea worth exploring.

“Keep seeking, stay curious; the cosmos holds endless mysteries.”

From the Desk of Dan Dillman

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